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Letter From The Managers

We are incredibly excited to present our 2016-2017 Year-End Report to you: our friends, partners, and supporters. This Year-End report broadly describes our community-based partnerships, nonprofit outreach initiatives, and efforts to develop our talented students.

Refinement of Services

Over the past 10 years, we have continuously refined our client partnership model in order to provide the best services to our nonprofit clients. As this year marks the 12th year since our founding, naturally, we asked ourselves “How can we continue to grow?” We spent the end of 2016 reflecting on our external services - year long client partnerships, Nonprofit Brown Bags and IdeaJams - and brainstorming ways to innovate to improve. By the beginning of 2017, we knew that we wanted to expand our reach - both geographically and with the number of nonprofits we serve.

Our first initiative was to rebrand our speaker series, previously called ‘Nonprofit Brown Bags’, as ‘Nonprofit Lunch and Learns’. A major motivation behind this rebranding was to expand and reinvigorate community collaboration. This rebranding drew in the most geographically diverse crowds in SOURCE history and allowed us to host our first event in Upland at Ophelia’s Jump Productions.

Our second initiative was to increase the number of IdeaJams - 90 minute condensed brainstorming sessions with a nonprofit organization - that we held. This spring, we were able to host 7 IdeaJams - the highest number during an academic semester in SOURCE history. We plan to continue this momentum into the 2017-2018 academic year in order to increase the number of nonprofits we impact.

While rebranding of Nonprofit Lunch and Learns and increasing the number of IdeaJams were successful, this is only the beginning. Next year, we aim to reorganize internally in order to continue building our capacity to reach more nonprofits in the Inland Empire.

Student Development

In September, SOURCE welcomed its largest class of Associate Consultants to date, onboarding 13 first-year consultants to our team. Not only was this our largest Associate Consultant class in history, but they were one of the most engaged. This class quickly became the driving force of SOURCE’s new internal and external initiatives. They eagerly thought up innovative ideas, and we took pride in backing their work. Examples of these initiatives include outreach to nonprofits outside Claremont and the creation of metrics to measure our impact in the community. We are inspired by the drive, dedication and nonprofit passion of this year’s Associate Consultant class and are excited to see what next year holds.

Continued Impact

Over the year SOURCE’s client teams worked with seven local nonprofits for an in-depth, intensive, year-long partnership. To this day, client partnerships serve as SOURCE’s bread and butter when it comes to impact. Through the year-long partnership, our consultants were able to assist with long-term projects, program development, and institutional reform. For example, our team working with the Claremont After-School Programs created a tutor recruitment and retention report; while our Foothill Family Shelters team designed guidelines for board member recruitment and participation. In total, SOURCE students spent over 3500 hours developing themselves, and supporting nonprofit partners. In the end, our work with the community generated nearly $50,625 worth of value.

The rest of this report takes a look at our work.


Jack Segal, Vanessa Liu and Lili Muskal

Our Mission

The mission of SOURCE is to help local nonprofits build capacity
and increase efficiency by providing professional consulting services
at zero cost to the organizations, while simultaneously
enhancing student development.

Developing Our Students

My First Year in SOURCE: Learning to Ask the Right Questions

By Lisa Hao

“Are you sure?” I asked that question around fifty times after I found out that I had been accepted into SOURCE’s Associate Consultant class. Don’t get me wrong—I was extremely excited to work for SOURCE. I chose Claremont McKenna College largely because of SOURCE and I could not believe that I would actually be a part of the organization. My previous nonprofit work had always made me feel fulfilled and connected, unparalleled feelings that led me to apply to colleges with strong civic engagement and nonprofit collaboration programs. It was a dream come true.

Lisa Hao

Associate Consultant

client meetings


client work hours per consultant


professional workshops


task forces and internal committees

SOURCE 2016-2017 Client Overview

A Summary of SOURCE's Key Deliverables

Claremont After-School Programs

Anna Zimmerman ‘17,
Bryan Carlen ‘20,
Natasha Reyes ‘19,
Will Edwards ‘19

Claremont After-School Programs

Mission: To help elementary-school children enhance their academic, organizational and social skills by providing high-quality afterschool programs in Claremont Unified School District neighborhood.

The SOURCE team:

  • Revamped communication strategy with all stakeholders, including the creation of a yearly communications calendar and revised newsletter format
  • Provided website recommendations and facilitated transitions
  • Provided recommendations for new tutor outreach initiatives
  • Created grant calendar

Pacific Lifeline

Emily Carlson ‘17,
Jordan Aronowitz ‘18,
Bruno Youn ‘19,
Emily Wang ‘19,
Brendan Suh ‘19

Pacific Lifeline

Mission: To empower women and their children facing chronic homelessness and help them achieve personal and social stability.

The SOURCE team:

  • Created and standardized Board onboarding and general governance processes
  • Created strategic plan to guide PL’s 5-year initiatives
  • Revamped PL website and facilitated transitions with a ‘How-to Guide’

Sustainable Claremont

Michael Choi ‘18,
Lane Corrigan ‘17,
Max Sickinger ‘20,
Bridget McCarthy ‘20

Sustainable Claremont

Mission: To engage the community in education and action to build a more sustainable community -- environmentally, socially and economically -- in Claremont and beyond. It seeks to be the hub of sustainability to inspire change through advocacy and education.

The SOURCE team:

  • Conducted extensive Board member interviews to asset map Board’s strengths and weaknesses and summarize feedback
  • Provided recommendations on corporate sponsorships

Foothill Family Shelter

Matthieu Hafemeister ‘17,
Eliana Keinan ‘17,
Elizabeth Harder ‘18,
Megan Tankersley ‘20,
Rei Imada ‘20

Foothill Family Shelter

Mission: To provide both transitional and permanent housing for homeless families in the San Bernardino – LA County Area. In the words of Foothill Family Shelter, “We believe in offering our clients a hand-up and not a hand-out and clients must agree to be focused, committed and engaged.”

The SOURCE team:

  • Created financial analysis material for Foothill Family Thrift Store
  • Standardized Board governance processes through the creation of a board member onboarding manual

Ophelia’s Jump

Lili Muskal ‘19,
Ben Fusek ‘17,
Jackson Cooney‘18,
Kenlyn Mirbach ‘20,
Josh Dorman ‘20

Ophelia's Jump

Mission: To produce both creative new interpretations of classical and award winning works, and also new works by talented local and regional artists.

The SOURCE team:

  • Developed a short-term and long-term fundraising strategy
  • Performed an impact analysis for program development through audience member surveys
  • Created strategies for board member and volunteer recruiting
  • Outlined a college ambassador program to diversify audience

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre

Anna Shephard ‘17,
Nisha Behrman ‘18,
Peter Brody-Moore ‘19,
Kara Schlacter ‘19

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre

Mission: To culturally enrich the San Gabriel and Inland Valley communities with high-quality productions of both classical and contemporary theatrical works and to foster the growth of artists of all ages with a high-quality conservatory and community outreach workshop programs for children, adults and seniors. IVRT seeks to entertain, educate, enlighten and employ great people through great theatre art.

The SOURCE team:

  • Conducted millennial surveys and analyzed results in order to recruit a younger audience
  • Formulated social media outreach plan
  • Researched and outlined potential strategic partnerships

Meals on Wheels

Ethan Tom ‘19,
Romaon Gomez ‘17,
Lisa Hao ‘20,
Tobin Hansen ‘20

Meals on Wheels (MOW)

Mission: To deliver nutritious, hot mid-day meals Monday through Friday (with Saturday meal, if ordered) to older adults, persons with disabilities, those recovering from surgery, and other homebound persons who have no alternative source of meals.

The SOURCE team:

  • Conducted a direct mail fundraising campaign to increase organizational donor base
  • Standardized Board governance processes, with a special focus on defining Board roles and developing succession planning

Client Spotlight

Spotlight: Pacific Lifeline

By Jordan Aronowitz

Pacific Lifeline is much more than a homeless shelter. After spending the fall semester off-campus, I entered our client relationship halfway through the year . This transition initially appeared challenging, but Pacific Lifeline’s mission, history, and energy made the process seamless. In the end, through our year-long partnership, our team was able to help Pacific Lifeline increase the efficiency of its mission through our work on strategic planning, board development, and web development.

Jordan Aronowitz


Nonprofit Lunch and Learns

Continually improving our community initiatives

Our Successful Relaunch of Nonprofit Lunch and Learns

By Megan Tankersley

This year, SOURCE relaunched our speaker series, previously titled ‘Nonprofit Brown Bags’ as the new ‘Nonprofit Lunch and Learn’ series. We decided to use the start of 2017 as an opportunity to rebrand and rethink the existing Nonprofit Brown Bag program.

Nonprofit Lunch and Learn

May 2017

SOURCE Symposium 2017

A celebration of our community impact

A Review of Our Second Annual SOURCE Symposium

By Lili Muskal

This year, SOURCE hosted its second annual, year-end Symposium to showcase and celebrate our impact in the community. The Symposium took place the afternoon of Friday, April 28th at Claremont Mckenna College’s Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum. Considering feedback from last year’s event, Lisa Hao ‘20 preserved the presentation aspect of the event, but incorporated it into a more interactive environment to showcase our work. Thus, each of the seven SOURCE teams set-up individual tables where they displayed their deliverables from the year, and were able to converse with the attendees.

SOURCE Symposium 2017

Client Services - $34,125

SOURCE provides value-added services for our nonprofit Clients at no cost to them. For example, this year our Pacific Lifeline team invested 540 hours in their client work. These services would have cost $14,985 at the going rate.

Student Development - $2,140

SOURCE is committed to student development. In addition to hosting monthly workshops targeted to develop our new hire Associate Consultants, SOURCE hosted over 5 general workshops for the 2016-2017 year. In September, we brought in Janet McIntyre from Executive Service Corps to discuss best practices in nonprofit consulting and board development. Many of our consultants were working on board development and applied the workshop’s teachings to create more tailored and personalized solutions for our clients.

Culture - $1,680

A tight-knit and cohesive culture is key to SOURCE’s success. In order to create a familial and supportive environment at SOURCE, we hosted day-long retreats and coordinated social events where our Consultants could build deeper relationships. One of the most memorable events of this year was our new hire bonding night, in which our new Associate Consultants worked together to make pizzas from scratch.

Internal Projects - $1,599

This year, projects ranged from planning and executing our Nonprofit Lunch and Learns, developing donor relations, and expanding our online resources for nonprofits. With the continued passion and energy of our students, SOURCE continues to innovate and progress in order to bring lasting impact to the Claremont community.

Thank You To Our Donors!

SOURCE Seniors 2017

Celebrating our graduating seniors and their post-graduation plans

Anna Shephard

Washington D.C.

Anna Zimmerman

Boston Consulting Group

Ben Fusek


Eliana Keinan


Emily Carlson


George Vojita

Columbia University

Lane Corrigan

Washington D.C.

Mattheiu Hafemeister

Andreessen Horowitz

Ramon Gomez


Vanessa Liu

Boston Consulting Group

Our 2016-2017 SOURCE Clients

Thank you for a wonderful year of partnership and community impact